Using Github Actions, Terraform, and Aws

Using Github Actions, Terraform, and Aws

Published on Nov 04, 2019 by Stanley Zheng

Github Actions are Github’s way to incorporate native CI/CD to the platform. Github actions uses azure cloud builders in the background. Now since they’ve changed it workflow syntax 2, its going generally avaliable on November 13. See a high level feature overview here

Terraform is an infrastructure an infrastructure tool from hashicorp..

Here is a demo how you can use Github, Gitflow, AWS, and Terraform together.

It is advised to NOT use this on public repos with untrusted users as your AWS Credentials could be leaked by malicious code.

Waits for input

github action wait

If fails a test, such as fmt, blocks merge and waits.

github action fail screenshot

All Green

Terraform output

Hopefully this gets you started on your terraform and AWS Journey!